Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grace Turned Five

Grace's fifth birthday started out with a hair cut. Then we went to our regular park day where she played and had a wonderful time.
After that, we quickly picked out a new dress and some other things and headed over to Sharkey's cool cuts for kids. It was time for a day of beauty for her and her friends. They totally surprised her when we walked in the door. Of course, I walked in after her and there aren't any actually pictures of her excitement. She had almost fallen asleep on the way there, but we woke her before she could fall into a deep sleep. She went right into fun mode and had no trouble enjoying herself.
 First, they picked out dresses, then it was time for the hairdo... Here's some of the girls and their dresses.

 Maggie didn't want to be left out.

 Eventually, there was a costume change...

 Then a manicure...

 There were even things for the boys to wear and play with - they were good sports.

 And Maggie's bff was there...
 Now for the most exciting part for the girls - make up!

 Jack was so excited for her, even though he thought it was all ridiculous. ;)

 The finished product:
 The finished product silly style!

 Then there was a fashion show...

Here's the video. BUT, turn down the volume - trust me, you don't want to hear my voice...

 And cupcakes at the park... Check out that make up, ugh!

 I think it was the best day of her life. She was so overwhelmed and excited!

And then in a later conversation I said "I can't believe you're 5."  And she replied "It's really different. (Pouty cry) my feet hurt, and Grandpa didn't even pick me up." Ha! She's so much drama, but I love it. Grace had the never ending birthday (according to Jack) this year, so there are more pictures to come.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Big Seven Year Old

Jeez Jack! Slow down - you are growing much too quickly. I know that I always say that but sometimes I turn around and I can't believe how big and mature and helpful and smart you are. It's amazing. There's so much to say about you as a seven year old and so much that I want to remember about this year, but I'm going to give myself permission to forget some of it. If I don't, I'll never write this and then I'll forget a whole lot more.

Yesterday you lost your top front tooth. It's been loose forever and you've been working on it and working on it. You went to bed sometime around 9 (we're on vacation) and you came out every half hour to show us your progress. Finally at 10:30 you had success! And now you have a big toothless grin making it so hard to talk and chew without spitting. Of course the tooth fairy visited and you were beyond excited this morning. 

Right now, you love Ninjago, Star Wars, legos of all sorts and exploring. You are playing soccer and still taking swimming lessons. You have so much fun setting up your toys for battles, building forts with your sisters and telling stories. But mostly you have fun. You're always ready for a good time, you love to play just about anything and everything.

You totally idolize your daddy and I love to hear you repeat his sayings and wonder what he would do at a particular moment. Sometimes you're pretty sure that I'm wrong about something and you decide to check with him on it. I can't tell you, but that even makes me happy. I love that you trust him and see how much he knows and how wonderful he is and want to be just like him.  But the other day, when you repeated one of his sayings (that he says sarcastically and in the most loving manner) and you, my son, asked me "what's for dinner, woman?"  Well, I just had to put you back in your place and that place was time out and it was a looonnngg one. Thank you for reminding us that you're listening and that you don't quite get why things are appropriate for some people and not others. But my favorite part of the whole story is that when your and daddy were alone, you called him out on it. "Thanks dad, you totally got me in trouble." You're too funny Jack and you'll start to understand it all pretty soon.

Over the summer, we watched some kids and it was so interesting to see you interact with them. I love the way that you crave someone to talk to, but you also crave time to be alone. You were so great about dividing your time, explaining it to them when you were going to have your alone time. I also think it's funny when you aren't sure that you want guests because it's a lot of work to clean up after them. Hopefully someday, you'll enjoy the company more than you'll worry about cleaning up.

This summer we have spent a lot of time at the beach and grama and grampa got you a boogie board. You love it. I love how much success you've experienced on it. I love how brave you are on it and how much fun you have in the water. You started out the summer playing in the crashing waves, moved up to diving into the two to three foot surf and now you're boogie boarding like a pro. You've gotten so strong and you are a good judge of the water. You would go out way too far if I let you and though I think you could manage, I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

This year while you were six, we went to Grama's time share, we went to the reunion, you started and finished kindergarten, you mastered the monkey bars, you helped me tons and tons with your sisters and you've grown so much. I can't wait to see what the next year holds, but don't grow too quickly. ;)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

13 months & a week

Oh Maggie!
You're totally the reason I haven't written. Good grief! Could you please sit still? You've been walking forever, but now you run and climb and twirl and dance... You love to twirl and make yourself dizzy - you're so funny, we could laugh at you for hours. Anytime music's on, you start dancing immediately.

You can nod and shake your head for yes and no and you're really quite accurate. You scream for a "dink" and run to your high chair saying "eeeeet."  If you want something you yell "eeeee," meaning me. You love to cuddle, but it's all on your terms and you have no problem pushing Michael and Amanda's faces away when you're not in the mood. When you do want a kiss, you walk around the house making kissing noises and shoving your face into other people's.

The cats are your obsession, you follow them and call them with your kisses and your relationships with dogs are becoming more love than hate, you seem to be braver and braver every time.

This past week, you have not been at your best. You're getting your second molar and let's just be clear, you do not handle pain well. You whine and you're cranky and clingy and your sleep is all messed up, I'll just say that you're making mommy and daddy long for a vacation - without kids.

When you're not wreaking havoc, you're as smart as a button. You make animal noises, and say up and down as you squat down and pop up. This month you've really begun to enjoy coloring and looking at and listening to books. Your favorite books have pictures of animals and babies. You love babies, especially pictures on the computer and phone. And every time you get a phone it goes straight to your ear and you say "hhhhiiii." It's so adorable.

You can climb up on the couches and onto chairs too, which means you can get up on just about anything in the house.

You know how they say that parents should worry when their kids are silent? This wasn't too much of a problem before you came along. Jack and Grace can play or read silently for a long time, but when you're silent I will inevitably find an empty drawer, bookcase or cupboard, an empty roll of toilet paper, coloring on something or your mouth filled with something forbidden. There is never anything good going on when you're quiet. You've figured out where the dangerous things are and you know how to circumvent the child proofing that's been effective for two children ahead of you.

I'm convinced that your trouble making comes from your intelligence - you must be a genius. And it's a good thing that you're not ALL trouble. You're also an adorable little cuddle bug doling out hugs to ladies wherever you go, asking strangers to pick you up and hugging nearly every child you meet.

Happy 13 month birthday.
mmmmammmmmma! (that's how you scream it)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Free? Don't Mind if I Do.

It's not much of a secret that I love free things. With 3 kids (and two extra for the summer), the price of going places and feeding them all sure adds up. So I just thought I'd share some of our free excursions.

Last week, we hit up Chic-fil-A for cow appreciation day. The kids dressed like cows and got free food! I just paid for my lunch and we were all set. I love Chic-fil-a, the food is yummy and there are always fun deals going.  I don't even feel bad when we pay full price because it really is worth it and there's so many times when we don't.
The same day, we turned in our summer reading packets to the library. The kids got to choose their prizes - yay free toys! And we turned in our summer reading packets to Barnes and Nobel, they give the kids a book. Yay free book!

I love days like this because the kids feel like they're getting all kinds of new things and it keeps them from asking for even more things. 

Then, this past Monday, we decided to check out Ikea. What a blast! I think we're going every Monday! There is free breakfast for everyone - no purchase necessary. The kids loved it.

And there's a club, if you join you get a free cup of coffee. But, hold your horses, it gets better than that. There's free babysitting! The kids LOVE to play in Small Land. They all played, while Maggie and I had coffee, she took a nap and I did some shopping. Seriously my new favorite place! They've been begging to go back ever since.

Well cheers to free things!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's always fun at Grama and Grampa's house

Last Sunday, we went to Grama and Grampa's house. We washed the car (daddy's favorite pastime), went swimming and ate yummy, yummy food!

Grace loves baking with Grama (unlike mommy) she actually lets her do things. 

 And even Maggie gets in on the fun.

 She's pretty good at sharing.

 Jack and Grace are becoming quite the little fishies. Jack and I had a kicking race and he had no problem keeping up. He swims all over and doesn't have trouble swimming for a long time. Grace is putting her face in the water, going under and swimming small distances. I am loving this stage! I can't wait until Grace can keep up with Jack.
 And Maggie is such a good helper!